….aDa aPa DeNgaN CiNTa….

I’m really upset. Also envy with other relation. Especially when seeing happiness face like this whole world only full with their love. Only they lived in this world. Huh… Why I’m so unlucky in love. I tried to figure out but these things only make me sad. I hope even I’m not unsuccessful in love; I’m success in my career. Maybe I’ve to love my career more than I love a man. It’s really hurt when you get dumb, being dumb and what so ever. Your hearth feel like exploded. I’m really doesn’t like this feeling. This need your strength and courage to face people and to live as usual as nothing happen in your life. I’m thinking not involve in love anymore. When I flash back all my love memory, it’s my entire fault. I'm pissed off myself. Is it because I am a perfectionist??? Does nobody like this kind of girl??? Is that wrong if someone want to be perfectionist even in this world nobody perfect? I’m also not perfect but I’m trying really hard to be perfect or at least perfect in front of my lover. Really… really like a curse if I keep fail in love. Huhu… So can you tell me what up with love actually? I hope this curse will end someday. I’m waiting for my happiness…
What I want is trust, strong and unchanging feeling. Even it’s a lie; I wish what he really wanted to tell me is the current separation is for our future.
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A daughter, sister and friend. Engineering is my passion but travelling is my courage. "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"

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