I’m looking for our picture together at SLISS but I just have hard copy pictures. I think I want to share the picture with you all but my scanner has broken. Really sorry... I still remember… ARMDIVA…. What’s that??? Hehe… It’s the combination of our relationship which will never end. AINUS, RAIHANA, MUSHIRAH & DEQNOOR forever. I still remember we want to make our friendship t-shirt but the cost was high so we have to forget it. Yelh… that time we still schooling so to do something which cost a lot make us have to sacrifice our desire.

Five years at SLISS, a lot of things we do it together. Depan berlapan… hehe… That what they call us and plus another four friends which always make the Firdaus class havoc. Hehe… But, after Raihana change to Sains Muar, I feel that I miss her so much. Even though we are not in a same school, we still contact each other by mail or phone which I bring my handset without anyone know except people who I trust most. Hehe…

After a few years and especially after we further study to University everything has changed. We’re not as closed as before but I know our memory together will keep forever. Ainus & Mushirah has going to UM, Raihana to UITM while I’m going to UTM. We lost contact each other for a few years. We create our friendship with others but what I feel is, my new friendships are not as closed as we are. 4 years in UTM, I really missed and hope we will gather again someday.

Now…. I start contact them. Ainus has married with a guy she knows at UM. I come to her wedding and I glad seeing her happiness. She and her husband teaching at Sarawak and I’m not worry because she has someone who will take care of her there. Raihana… I start contact her again after he came back from studying at Australia. We just call each other. OMG… I really want to cry after heard her voice and I want to see her one day. I’m counting our meeting together. Huhu…. How about Mushirah??? She is teaching at Sabah. I know I can’t visit her there but what I can do is every Eid, I will come to her house. I never missed each Eid to visit her at her hometown. That’s my promised. Never forget. She also knows that I keep my promise and until now, I still do it. Me??? I still the same. Hope & hope & hope… Hope that I get my happiness and one day I can share my happiness with ARMDIVA….
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