A day at Bentong & Raub

Dis morning I’ve an appointment with TNB Bentong @ 11am. Supposedly I’m going there with Abg Azha (p/s last night I’ve got 2 missed call & 1 msg from him) but he has sumthing emergency happen and need him going back 2 Penang so I’ve decided 2 go there with Abg Ijam. I pick him at office 1st and about 10am I sprint my car with 120km/j because I’m already late. Huhu…. Along the way, there have a road block near R&R Bentong. I’m very shock and throbbing. I’m worried if my car will get summons. One by one car through the police officer and finally…. My car…. Thank god… nothing happen. Fuh…. Then I sprint my car again until I reach TNB Bentong @ 11.20am. I’m late… huhu…

We meet En. Mahisam & En Syed Ismail. There have 3 issues in our discussion.
1. Contribution fee
2. Meter TNB 4 school & kantin SK Raub Indah
3. Transition TNB post @ jalan JKR opposite site project.

After discussion, we decided going to site 4 seeking right value of contribution fee. Firstly, En Ismail measured the cable length from TNB Substation 2 Canteen. When reach there, we quit shock cz the cable has been done by contractor. Very wasteful because TNB still charge client for TNB cabling work & meter. Huh…

Then we’re going back to TNB Substation for checking where the cabling ends. What??? The cable ends @ MSB Room??? Suddenly my anger came. In drawing I’m just stated TNB meter location but they do the cabling work which is not under contractor scope of work. Then, supposedly the cabling ends at TNB Substation, not MSB Room, then contractor have to change the cable route. Double work… Sape suruh xb’tanya. Huh… 1 more thing, the TNB Substation has been hand over to TNB but contractor still using the building so I’ve to make an appointment again for handing over. Siot btul la. Huhuhu… Why??? Bcoz they’re not satisfied their building has been invaded. Huh… Ok lh. I agreed to write in a letter for handing over the TNB Substation building again.

Then we discuss about transition of TNB post. The transition involves 13 posts and I’ve to write in the letter about the issues for TNB further action. At 1pm, we’re going for lunch at Nasi Ayam Mualaf @ Raub. Sedap…. Better try. Hehe…
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  1. it's not contribution fee...u don need to contribute to TNB...it's Connection Fee...don misunderstood with that...any contract work that done before metering panel should be under TNB,but when the contractors 'pandai2 buat' then serve them right...am i right

  2. yeah... double works and make a lot of trouble to us and TNB. B4 TNB do their works, client have to pay the fee. i'm also think it should be connection fee at the 1st place but i'm not sure why they call it contribution fee. so i call it like this; for client i used it as contribution fee but for contractor who's going to apply the meter we call it connection fee. sorry if i used it wrongly.


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