Friday 28 August 2009

Huhu… Today I just stay in office. Why? This is because I’ve to prepare final drawings cold water, sanitary plumbing, air-conditioning and electrical for Banglo Kinrara. Tomorrow I’ve a meeting at Kinrara Golf Club House 10.30am Saturday. Ok lh kn. So my weekend full with activities. But I’m thinking what I’m going to plan for this Monday, off for Merdeka day. Waa…. Mesti bosan gile duk umah. Nevermind.. I’m going to bring my works home. Hehe…

Suddenly virus has attacked my laptop. They disturb I’m doing my work. Waaaa… Why now. Can’t u wait until I finished my works? I can’t open my project drawing. I’m thinking I’ve to do all over again but I tried to open the drawing at Syahir’s computer. Alhamdulillah…. I can open it. I borrow his computer to finish the balance work. (Actually, Syahir has exchange work so I can use his ex-computer freely. Hehe…. )

You know what, because I’m busy doing my work, I forget to pay my car park. So, for the first time, I got summon. Waaa… Within 2 weeks, I’ve to pay RM30. I think I want to pay it today but I want to go to PNB (maklum lh… dh gaji. Duit kene simpan dlm ASB. Nant bleh beli rumah. Hehe…) so K.Gee suggests me pay the fine next Friday. Ok lh 2 dari xde niat nk bayar kn. Hehe…

I feel tired today so I plan after finish my works I’m going home and get some sleep. Tomorrow morning as I tell earlier I’ve a meeting then at night I’ll hang out with my SLISSIAN’S friends; Kokkk, Nuar, Farid, Hanim and Ijan. I’ll update to you all what happen tomorrow. Daaa….
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