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10pm. I’m back from Solat Tarawih. 5 days away for Tarawih and I’m still not leave the solat in this blessing month. Even I’m busy or have other program outside I’ll make sure I do Solat Tarawih at home. Thank God I still can make it. Alhamdulillah….

After Solat Tarawih, I started continue my work. What is it?? As usual edit the drawings. Actually I can do it at work but I prefer to do it at home. Why? This is because the big area and comfortable place to do it at home with lean against at my bed. Fuh… Best… I target to finish it within 1 hour.
That’s the drawings I get from ID & furniture. Also drawing I’ve to amend. Waa….. After half an hour I started feel tired. Huh… Maybe because I’ve amend this drawings more than 5 times so I feel bored to face it again & again. But I’ve promise to contractor that I’ll give the amendment drawings this Thursday so by hook or by crook I’ve to finish it.

Finally… I’ve finished my work. I take 1 hour to do it. Is it I achieve my target?? Hm… ok lh. Still not more than 2 hours. Hehe… Huarghhh…. I feel sleepy. I’m going to sleep now. Tomorrow I’ve other work to do. I want to make a budgetary for Bukit Serai Development Phase 1A. Good night everybody…
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