Im sick….

Cough, sore throat, fever, headache, week body…. Everything I feel on Friday. I’m very sleepy so after I reach home from work, I’m going 2 sleep. But I’m very worry about H1N1 issue which happens to our country nowadays so I’ve decided going to clinic. I called my b and he said he’ll take me there so I’m waiting…. About 11pm he came home and takes me to Klinik Abadi but closed. We’re very disappointed because the clinic not really far from my house. So after discussing, we decided to go to Klinik Anis because I know the clinic open 24 hours. When we reach there, omg…. A lot of people inside the clinic and we have to wait for an hour to see the doctor. So I’m waiting… Finally, I can see the doctor. Doctor said my fever because of my throat problem. I’m very relieve 2 here dat….. fuh… After I take my medicine which cost me RM58, my b take me home & I reach home about 1.50am. Thanks so much 2 my b for bring me there. I was thinking supposedly I’ve to do my work but because I’m not very well today so I do it the next day.

I’ve to amend the drawing based on users need so next week I can give the drawing to the contractor. Hopefully this is the last amend. If there have addition or omission fittings again, I’m also need to change the schematic diagram.

Fyi, dis is the 4th time the users change their mind on m&e part. Huhuhu….. The users said they still not finalize with ID and furniture yet so maybe will be minor changes again. Waaaa…. I’m sick and tired 2 entertain this kind of user. Huh....
I’ve to finish my work b4 next week. Huhu….. I’ve take my medicine so I feel too sleepy. I’m going 2 sleep now and continue my editing drawing the next day. Hopefully I’ll feel better 2moro. Its time 2 sleep… Zzzzzzz……

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