A Long Day To Go....

I’ve a meeting last 2 days @ KPM Putrajaya. Meeting EOT No. 2 for SK Raub Indah Pahang 9 am. Ok lh. I know dis EOT involve my issue which is about late electricity supply. So I’d prepare everything (especially our letter 2 TNB from the beginning of our project started). I know my reason is strong so I don’t have 2 worry anything in the meeting.
On dat day, I left home early @ 8 am. Normally, my journey to KPM jz take 30 min. Bt cz there don’t have enough parking so I’ve 2 come early. I though I can get the nearest parking but I’m really shock, the parking already full. Waaaaaa….. so I’ve to park my car very2 far (near Alamanda). (p/s: klu tempat parking cantik xpe. Ni kene parking kt tanah merah. Habis kereta baru lepas cuci kotor balik. @#%*^%$....) then I’ve 2 walk about 10min 2 the KPM building. Really…. Really…. Really… tired. While I park my car, I see 1 familiar car, park beside my car. BMW 5series…. Owh, I know him. My QS 4 my school project @ Kelantan. I ask him why he came here. He said we have a meeting 4 SK Seri Wangi 2 Kelantan. I knock my head. Really???? Nobody told me ‘bout the meeting. Isn’t the meeting involve m&e part??? My nerves come. Omg…. I’ve 2 meeting 2day. Relax nor…. Relax….
9am…. The meeting still xstarted. I’m looking 4 da schedule. Hm… 20 project involve in dis meeting. My turn… no. 7-SK Seri Wangi 2 & 10-SK Raub Indah. ok lh. Mest xlame tunggu. Finally, the meeting started @ 9.40 am & the 1st project in the list entered the meeting room. I’m waiting… waiting… waiting…
Transfer my project picture from my h.set 2 my laptop while waiting my turn.....
12.00 pm… still waiting… then sum1 from the meeting room came out & told us dat project list from 10 to 20 will be continued @ 2.30pm. What???? I’ve 2 wait. Waaaa….. Based on the notice meeting letter, the meeting will be end @ 1pm. Tipu ar…. My 1st meeting start @ 1.00 pm. Involve only 1 issue which about late transition of TNB post. 10min je duk dlm 2 then our meeting done. Kejap la plak. yg lain2 mest melambak isu nye. Patut la lmbt. Huh… while waiting my next meeting I’m doing certified claim 4 British Council project.
British Council Project @ Bukit Aman

2.30pm….. Meeting started. Supposedly our project 1st but we’ve 2 allow project Sarawak 1st cz they’re catching their flight. Sabo…. Sabo…. While waiting, I call my ofis & k.yang told me 2 go 4 defect meeting the next day @ SMK Kuala Repas, Bentong, Pahang. So after dis meeting I’ve 2 go back 2 ofis. Take the meeting letter & drawing 4 the next day meeting. I though after dis I can going 4 breakfast + lunch + dinner cz I’m not eat anything since morning. Very3x hungry… Finally…. The meeting starts @ 3.50pm. I’ve 2 present on my part. Solution from the meeting, they give me 10 days 2 deal again with TNB. If I cant make it, I’ve 2 make a draft letter then give it 2 KPM 4 KSU sign then they will make a report 2 KETAK. I’m really shock. They take dis issue very serious. Huhu….. end of my meeting, I’m going 2 my ofis, prepared 4 the next meeting…..
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  1. Meeting 10 minit ek... so now, masih ada lagi ke meeting 10 minit?


Awak komen, DN balas. Terima kasih kerana sudi meninggalkan jejak di sini. ^_^