I’m working on Sunday!!!

I’ve a site visit, last Sunday, 6th September 2009 at 10.30am. This site visit is for our new project, renovation from office building to budget hotel 8 floors with estimate of 50 rooms. Right now since there still don’t have any name yet, we call it PJCC Hotel. The location is at Taman Dato Harun.

From my visit what I can say is because the building almost done and not for hotel used, a lot of renovation need to be done especially on electrical, underfloor trunking, av system, pa system, cctv, card system, cold water, sanitary, fire protection, air-conditioning and lift installation. I’ve to study the installed building system because when I go to the roof top (penat 2 naik tangga bln2 pose ni. Huhu… ), I can see there have a ventilation fan. I think this is for closed staircase or lift used. Hm… I’ve to study the existing drawing first before make any conclusion.

I’m going with him. I park my car near his apartment and then we go there together with his car. After visit I thougt want to go for shopping and he willing to acompany me but when I think back, maybe next time. About 1.45pm, we’re going back. I take my car & going back home.
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