My 25th birthday memory

On my 25th birthday, my fiancé treat me as usual at Secret Recipe Sunway Pyramid. If I’m not mistaken, last time we have our dinner in here is on our 2nd anniversary. Quit a year we’re not dinner together in this place. Thanks a lot to my dear fiancé for taking me here. I’m very appreciating it. I take Japanese Soba and Green Tea Ice Blended while he grabs grill chicken bbq and watermelon juice. He offered me a piece of cake but I think I can’t finish it so I refuse because it may use wastefully.

After having our dinner together, we’re going to pay his DIGI’s bill and then we’re going to MAXIS centre because I’ve lost my MAXIS phone so I want to make a new simcard. 20minutes in there, the employee said that there have no stocks for my sim so he advises me to come again next week or do it at other MAXIS centre. Hmm… ok. Maybe next time so we out from Sunway Pyramid and I sent him home.

I’m very happy today. I hope this memory will keep forever. Thanks for treating me well.
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6 Blue Komen:

  1. Alhamdulillah, happy utk dn! ^_^ wishing more sweet memories to come ^_^

  2. zar.... sgt terharu. even kita jauh, tetap ingt kt dn. thanx zar....

  3. patut la hantar sms wish bezday aritu tak samapi..simkad ilang rupanye..takpe la..hepy bezday to you :-) -onn-

  4. tq onn... sowi ye. tp skrg dh bleh guna balik no maxis 2

  5. ok :-) mana tau kot2 dn dah tukar no..huhuhuhu..

  6. no lh. no maxis 2 byk kenangan. xde niat langsung nk buang. hehehe....


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