Saturday Night

As I told you before, I’m going to update what I’m doing last Saturday. I’m out for meeting at 10am. While I’m driving, I chat with Kokkk and suddenly I realize I’ve exceed the junction. Waa…. I’ve to turn back. I’m late… I’m late.. Huhu… I message En Fadhil, told him that I’m going to be late. Thank God he’s not mad at me. I reach Kinrara Golf Club at 11.15am. I join the meeting and finally meeting end at 12.30pm.

Kinrara Golf Club

After meeting I’m going back home. I though I want to take some sleep because 2 days I can’t sleep. I tried to have a sleep but still can’t so I decided to take my fiancé and go to Sunway Pyramid. I confirm with my friend how many will join us and then I book our dinner at Chicken Hartz. 2 hours left to wait so we just have a walk in there. After an hour, Farid, Hanim, Anuar and Kokkk arrive and we spend time while taking a picture in front of Sunway Lagoon.
My SLISSIAN’s friends, Farid, Hanim, Kokkk, Anuar and my fiancé, Pauzi.

7.10pm, we leave the place and entered to Chicken Hartz for breaking our fast. As usual, a lot of people in there so who’s queue for taking a chicken, they have to take a bucket, I’m taking a plate of fruits while Kokkk and Hanim take our drinks. After 10 minutes we start eating, Ijan and Mat( Ijan’s husband) come and join us. Best sgt2 but next year we though to change place. Too sad because we have eat in here more than 5 years but because all of them agreed to change place next year, so I follow their decision. Maybe next year we’re going to breaking our fast at Mat’s shop. Hehe…

A lovely husband and wife, Mat & Ijan. I'm quit jealous with them.

After exit from Sunway Pyramid, we’ve going to Dataran Putrajaya. Saje je. Diorg nk amik gambar katenye. I park my car in front of Mc Donald SS16 and lodge Kokkk’s Vios car. First time Kokkk drive for me. Hehe…. Best gak.

Kokkk, Farid, Hanim, my fiancé & Anuar.

Hanim, Me & Kokkk.

10.30pm, we decided to going home. I feel very tired and happy that day. Thanks to my entire friends and my fiancé for making me happy. That night, I really can sleep well.
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