Thanx Zuwa....

She is my friend who’s working in Astro. Really hard to hang out with her even our home is nearby. She wants to meet me on my birthday but I can’t make it so we hang out on Monday after she return from work at 7pm. I’m very bored because I’m not working on that day. I’m counting every hour to meet her. We decided to have our dinner at Sushi King. We love to eat sushi very much. Not all my friends love to eat sushi but with her, not only sushi, we love trying to eat something new. Hehe… enjoy food!!!!

We agreed to meet at Sunway Pyramid. She quit late because her duty end at 7pm, so I wait her about 1 hour. She reaches here at 8pm then we have our dinner. I think for the first time we don’t know what we want to eat. Normally we can finish about 10 plates of sushi but that day really sad because we just eat 4 plates only. Hmmm…

Then we decided to have a cheese cake at Coffee Beans. I still remember on our final year at UTM, she’s working at Coffee Beans Senai Airport. I always disturb her there. Every time I been there, I’ve always got free beverage or discount. Huhu…. The sweet memory will always keep forever. Ok, stop flash back my memory. Hehe…. When we reach there, there is no more cheese cake for us. Waaa…. She still wants to eat cheese cake so I suggest we have it at Starbucks Coffee.

I said I always eat Blueberry Cheese in here but when we want to have it, also finish already. Waaa… We almost give up but luckily in here there still have other choice. Marble cheese cake and baked cheese cake so we decided to have a marble cheese cake and as usual, my favorite Java Chip with cream. Yummy….

About an hour we sit here and have a chat, about 10pm, we out from Sunway Pyramid and meet again in front of Maybank SS15. Why??? We want to have a walk at Uptown Damansara. Normally, I’m going here alone but today I’ve a friend to accompany me. Thanks Zura… Especially for treat me everything today. I’m really glad to have friends like you even we can’t hang out always. Take care dear….
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