Afdlin Shauki's Papadom

I don’t know why I love to watch Afdlin Shauki movie. Maybe a lot of good messages and not overshoot jokes in his movie which I can accept. I’m his good follower movies I guess. Every time he makes his movies, I try to watch it at cinema. Even though I love his movies, sometimes I also missed to watch it if I’m too busy with my works. Of course either works or Afdlin’s movies, I choose works most. Hehehe….
Papadom…. I watch it yesterday. What I’m gonna say about this movie. Hmm…. I’m not a good criticize but I can give my own opinion about this movie. It’s more about family matter. A father who’s really busy with his works but when he lost his lovely wife, he’s trying really hard to redeem his mistake through his daughter. This really happen nowadays and this movie give us a reminder that family is more important than works and money. We can have money but when we lost a family, even you regret and crying everyday you can’t return back past things. Life must go on. After what happen he change and everyday he always be with his daughter until his daughter feel like shackles and uncomfortable. He thinks that what he do to protect his lovely daughter is good but actually he gets it wrong. He can’t always be with his daughter every time and everyday because to be mature in life, people have to learn from mistakes. I guess… When he realizes what he’s doing and a lot of things happen, he gives freedom to his daughter.
Normally Afdlin makes a lot of jokes and funny movies but this time really different. It’s about life and when I see the movie, I realize that if I’m extremely love my works, I’m gonna be like him one day. I have to learn equally between works and family. I have to start thinking about it. Credit to Papadom and Afdlin. This movie deserves to get awards at the recent Malaysian Film Festival including Best Film and Best Original Story if I’m not mistaken. I love this movie a lot even the story quit slow but still can bring me into it. I’m counting my day to watch his Musical Cuci at Istana Budaya…
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  1. im watching dis movie for a second time.... :)

  2. papadom memang best. kalau boleh memang mcm itulah seorang bapa nak tunjuk kasih sayangnya kepada anak


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