Baraan Raya 2009

We have a baraan raya on Wednesday. For the first time I’m going there from my home. Usually I stay at my hometown until after the baraan, I’m going back to my home. A day before Amir has message me and told me to gather at Salam’s house Parit 4 Sekinchan 8 am. Really??? I don’t think so. Hehe… so I go out from my home @ 8am and after 1 hour I reach Sekinchan but nobody answer my call (biasa lh… blum bgn tdo..) so I fetch Mushirah first at her home before going to Salam’s house @ 10.30am. We reach Salam’s house and wait there. Finally, Wana come, followed by Amir, Ibu Sara, Aisya, Adila Ilani, Atiqah, Diak, Lon & Papa Daus.
Then we are going to Mushirah’s house. Salam & his wife, Lily also joins us. After Mushirah’s house, we are going to Haizid’s house. We stay there more than 1 hour because we wait for Zain, Palek, Ijai and Anje there.
Then we are going to Cikgu Jaharah’s house. Haizid and his fiancé also join us.
After that, we are going to Madon’s house which we have our Zuhur prayer here. Then we have a walk to Ain’s house which is 2 houses beside Madon’s house.
After that we are going to Sungai Besar. Firstly we think we want to go to our teacher’s house there but nobody in their house so we decided to go to Wana’s house.
After Wana’s house, we are going to Ust. Mohd Nor house. Because we still don’t have our Asar prayer yet, so we rush to Ibu Sara’s house and having our Asar and Maghrib prayer there.After Maghrib, I sent Mushirah home and take my way back to my home at Shah Alam. A day to remember…. Thanks for all who make this baraan day happen successfully.
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