Cupcakes…. Cupcakes…

Last Friday I’ve a meeting at KPM Putrajaya. I’ve two meeting actually for SK Sri Wangi 2 Kelantan and SK Raub Indah Pahang. My meeting started at 3pm and I reach there at 3.15pm. I though after this I wanted to interrupt Zuwa at her office. I called her but sadly she’s off today. She’s out to buy some stuff for making cupcakes. Sound interesting right. Hehe… Hm… Who’s gonna accompany me for my dinner. Nevermind… I think about it after my meeting.
For the first time I guess my meeting end early. Every meeting just takes not more than 10 minutes. Hmmm… That’s good but what I’m going to do after this. I called Zuwa again. She’s very shock when I said I’m finish because she still outside looking for the stuff. Hahaha…. I’m also shock actually. We decided to meet after she’s successfully making the cupcakes. For the first time she’s trying to make a cupcakes and I’m gonna be the first persons to try it. Wahhhhh!!!! I’m going home first and wait until she call me back.
8pm… Zuwa call!!!! Yeahhh!! She’s done and I’m going to her home. I reach there at 9.30pm and have my dinner there. As usual, her mom makes a delicious dinner for us which I can’t avoid from have it even I promise to myself not to eat rice at night. Guess what??? Her mom makes Nasi Lemak, Nasi Impit, Rendang Ayam….. If you know her mom, you have to eat it. Hehe… After having our dinner, it’s time to try Zuwa’s cupcakes. I show you how’s Zuwa’s cupcakes looks like. Hehehe….
Nice and not so sweet. I like it. We chat while eating and after that Zuwa bring out cheese cake which her mom buys at Coffee Beans. Cake again??? Waaaa…. She knows my favorite and even I’m full, when cheese cakes in front of me I still want to have it. Credit to cheese cakes. Huhuhu… 2am??? Waaa… I’m still at her house. We still not sleepy yet but because it’s too late so I’m really have to surrender. Maybe next time we hang out together again. Nice having dinner with you Zuwa….
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