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This morning I’ve a site visit at Kem Kementah, Kuala Lumpur 10am. About 8.30am, I get a call from Kak Gee and tell me that Ir Mohd Zahari left a drawings and brief document for me to bring along there. Means here, I need to come to office first before going there so I reach office at 9.10am. After take the document and drawing, I sprint my car there via NKVE and Duke Roads. It is very easy because I reach Semarak Roads using this highway. The journey just takes 30 minutes from my office. When reach there I park my car opposite Kem Kementah entrance and we (architect, C&S, contractor & me) need to have a walk to the site location inside the Kem.
There have a five double storey block which needs to be demolished and build 12th floor quarters block in the same area. If you can see, along the road there have a TNB and TELEKOM pole which either needs to be relocated or also demolish. I try to find where the substation is but to bad I can’t find it. I’m very thankful if I can get the overall drawing for this Kem Kementah. So sure to build the quarters block we are not going to tap from the existing pole TNB except for TELEKOM which can be consider but because the TNB pole connected to other area, so I think we can’t easily demolish it. I give suggestion to make an island for the pole area so we can reduce relocation pole cost. Hmm… What more important is I’ve to study the electrical system in this Kem so I can give the best way and idea to solve this problem. I’m back to office after two hours in here and I’m going to study the brief document. When Ir Mohd Zahari back from Terengganu after this, I can give my report to him.
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