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I’ve a technical seminar and product launch at Victorian Ballroom, Hotel Holiday Villa, Subang on 13th October 2009 at 2pm. I join this seminar because my boss asks me to attend it to get 2 CPD hours for IEM but he’s not joining it with me. I don’t know why in my mind, this hotel located near Subang Airport so after my Zuhur prayer in office, I sprint my car there. When I reach there, Saujana Hotel? Where is Hotel Holiday Villa actually? Hmm… I look my watch. It’s 2pm already. I called Mr Andrew from L&T and he gives me the direction. Ooo… The location is near SJMC. I know the place so I sprint my car there. When I reach there, another problem happen which I can’t find where the Victorian Ballroom is. I go to the lobby and try to find the direction. At the lobby I meet Ir Abdul Nasir Musa, Director from Jurutera CMP Sdn Bhd who also wants to join the seminar. Huh…. I’m very relief to hear that.
Finally we find the direction. When I see the ballroom area, I’m really shock. How lovely the area is. We go in for registration first before join the seminar. The seminar are more on the L&T company, powergear presentation especially on their new product which are U-Power ACB, DN MCCB and SDF type FNX, also L&T association in Malaysia. After one and half hour, I feel sleepy. Huhu… They sort of know that I’m sleepy listening and watching their presentation. Then, they give us an entertainment. Hehe..
Can you see? A robot and dancers dance in front of us. I don’t know what the connection between this powergear and the robot actually. For me as long as the speaker stop talking for a while, I feel good. Hehe… After Q&A session, there have a lucky draw. The prices are very nice which are MP3 player, Canon camera and Apple Laptop with overall lucky draw are ten numbers. As usual, I’m not lucky at all. I’m also not really hope I get one of it (actually, disappointed too… hehehe…).

After all the session, it’s time for dinner and cocktails. I take all the dishes in small quantities because I want to taste all of the food. Yes… No doubtful. The foods are really nice but I’m quit shock because they serve alcohol drink too. When I look around the ballroom, there have a lot of Chinese inside here compared to Malay which just 1/4 from them. We’re minority in there so we don’t mind. After dinner, I’m going for Asar prayer first before going back home.
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  3. Freedom thought.. My pleasure u blogwalking here.. :)


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