Nasi Goreng USA

Last Monday I’m fasting. I’m thinking where I should break my fast. Since I’m alone I’ve to do and think for my own. I’m thinking to go to Johnny’s at Summit. Eat steamboat there alone…. Nevermind… I’ve to autarchy. But things happen differently. About 4pm Anuar called and ask me for dinner at D’Tomato. Hmm…. Finally, I’ve a companion. After my work, I go first and wait him there. I can’t wait to dinner with him because I’m fasting and need to eat first. He came about 8.30pm after I finished my dinner.

I took Nasi Goreng USA and Air Lychee. The rice is cook with butter and tomato, not suitable to eat for dinner actually and for someone who is on diet. Hehehe… Come with the rice are slices of fried chicken, cucumber with mayonnaise topping, hotdog, small cup of thai chili sauce and egg top of the rice. The food also delicious but quit dry so for those who can’t eat dry food, you can have it with plain soup. I’m still enjoying the food without soup.
After dinner, about 10pm, I’m back to my home.
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