Pulapes & D’tomato

Yesterday I’ve a Pulapes project meeting at Keratong, Pahang. As usual, I go there alone. The journey takes about 3 and half hour. I can’t drive smoothly because rainy heavily along my way there. The road must be slippery so I just drive 110km/j. When I reach there, my team mate have been there waiting for me. Means here… I’m late. Huhu… Meeting started at 11 am which is supposedly started at 10.30 am.
After end the meeting, I’m going to site as usual for checking our services done by contractor. Not many comments this time but 1 major comment which is I’m not satisfied with the installation.
Can u see??? The aircond pipe crossing the beam??? Huh… I ask them to change back the route after I sketch what they have to do. Very hideous…
About 4pm, I’m out from the site. My friend, Ijan has invited me to her opening new restaurant which named D’tomato. I reach there about 8.30pm. I can’t find anyone I know there except Ijan and her husband Mat. I’m thinking maybe I’ve to eat alone. Huhu… when I meet Ijan, she said that Amir was here too. I’m smiling…. We have our dinner together and chatting each other for awhile before we decided to going back home because I’ve another meeting tomorrow morning.

Congrats Ijan for your new restaurant. We pray for your success in business... :)
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