Sleepy Friday

Today I accompany my big boss, Ir Muda Ibrahim to KPKT (Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan) at Damansara. If you know where the location is, the area is tight and not much parking so people always park at shoulder roads. Because of this problem, that’s why I’m going there with him and for the first time I drive his car. I quit awkward for the first time but after a few minutes I can adapt myself. If you know my boss, he’s very flexible person. Most of Samudra’s staffs love him so much.
Back from KPKT Kak Yang and I going for our lunch at D’Tomato. I take Nasi Goreng Thai and Air Bandung while Kak Yang grabs Nasi Goreng Belacan and Barley Ice. Let me describe somewhat about Nasi Goreng Thai. Quit spicy so not suitable for children. If want to try it make sure ask them to reduce the chili or without any chili. Inside the rice there has some vegetable, hot dog and cook with ketchup. The cooking is still nice because not really dry except for the spicy one. Hehehe…
Huargh…. Back from our lunch I feel so sleepy. Maybe I’m full so I take this opportunity to update my blog. Hehehe… Who knows maybe this activities can help discard my sleepy this Friday evening. I really need it because my bosses stay in office today. Huhuhu….
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