Steam Fruit Cakes

My Eid vacation…. I’m not doing a lot of thing. Maybe this Eid I spend most of my time at home. I’m back to my village Eid night after finished tidy up my home at Shah Alam. Then as usual, Eid morning I’m going for Solat Hari Raya. After solat, we had handshaking each other especially with my dad, mom & grandma for their forgiveness. After having our lunch with a must dish every Eid which are ketupat, lemang, ketupat palas, lemper, rendang daging, ayam kicap… we have a visit to relative house. End of my day for the first Eid…

The next day, I’m not going anywhere so I’m thinking to make a fruit cakes. Hm…. Let me share with you all how I make the cakes. Maybe next time you can make it by yourself. Hehe…. The ingredient I use is for two cakes mould.
1. Make a burn sugar ( 1 glass sugar + 1 glass water). Mix up and cook it until turn into brown color.
2. Put 1 no of margarine + 2 glass sugar in a bowl. Mix it until intimate each other.
3. Take 6 nos of eggs and blend it. After that, pour the blended eggs into the bowl.
4. Put 2 ½ glass of flour. Mix it again until your hand fatigue. Hehe…
5. Add 1/3 tea spoon baking powder. Mix it again.
6. Put the burn sugar into the bowl. Mix it again until the dough turn into light brown color.
7. Pour the dough into cakes mould. Before pour it, make sure the cakes mould have been brush on with margarine inside it.
8. Take a mix fruit and scatter it at the top of the dough. Before scatter it, make sure the mix fruit have been mix with a claw of flour. After scatter it, take a fork and press the mix fruit to scatter inside the dough.
9. Covers the cakes mould with aluminum foil before steam it for 4 hours.
10. Finally… I show you the result… (Gambar diambil masa kek dh tinggal skit dh. Ramai sgt mkn. Sedap la kot. Hehe…)

At night, I’m going back to my home….

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