Tips Kebahagiaan Rumahtangga

I found 1 book yesterday entitled Tips Kebahagiaan Rumahtangga authored by Ustzh. Siti Nor Bahyah Mahamood. Actually I bought this book when I volunteer as camerawomen in 1 of my mom programmed. Why?? This is because I want to get her signature. I’m not read this book yet but after 4 years, I find this book again and started to read it.
U can see the proof that she gives her signature in my book. If you can see the above picture clearly, the date also jotted down in there which is 3rd December 2005. Huhu… Thank God finally I read this book. After read it, I really love this book. The inputs really make me think is it I’m really ready to get married and a lot of tips to have a happy family. If you read the title maybe you think that this book is only suitable for someone who have get married but actually, this book also suitable for person like me and you who will someday will also get married. As a preparation before involve into another stage I guess. Insyaallah…. Let me tell you contains of this book to make you interested to read this book.
1. Islam dan Cinta
2. Mengapa Sukar Mewujudkan Perasaan Cinta?
3. Muhasabah Kriteria Suami dan Isteri Mithali
4. Aku nak Kahwin, Kahwin dengan Siapa?
5. Pengasih dan Penyayang
6. Cakar Harimau
7. Cinta Ilahi Menjana Cinta Suami Isteri
8. Katakan ‘Aku Cinta Padamu’
9. Sabar dan Tidak Pemarah
10. Pemaaf
11. Aktiviti Intelektual yang Konsisten
12. Hindari Konflik
13. Your Family is My Family
14. Komunikasi Berkesan
15. Buat Keputusan Bersama
16. I Don’t Understand You
17. Don’t trust Anybody About Money
18. My Money is My Money, Your Punye I Ada Saham
19. Anggun Menawan
20. Poligami Harus, Tapi….
21. Sokongan Moral
22. Checklist yang Perlu Dibuat
23. Doa-doa Pilihan Amalan Suami Isteri
Read it and I promise you’ll love it too….
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  1. err..saya tak baca buku ni.tapi pandai la jugak buat cakar harimau..adeh


Awak komen, DN balas. Terima kasih kerana sudi meninggalkan jejak di sini. ^_^