Wisma Pahlawan

Last week, I’m going to Wisma Pahlawan, Kuala Lumpur with my boss, Ir Mohd Zahari and my click, Abg Ijam for discussion of renovation and modifying the 14th floor building. For the first time, I being their driver and my boss lodge my car. Hopefully he’ll comfortable in my car. Actually on that morning the situation quit chaos. I’m going to renew my car road tax and finally I get called to going there together at 10am. Thanks there are not a lot of people so after renew it I’m back to my office. About 11am, we reach Wisma Pahlawan and we meet En. Tamrin. He is a charge man who is responsible for this building.
We have a discussion at penthouse before visit and checking the services in the building. We get a lot of input from the discussion. This building reaches 35 years old and almost all the services need to be change especially on mechanical services. Luckily they have upgraded the electrical services so I don’t need to worry about it. After 1 hour, the discussion end and we have a visit inside the building. We’re not going to every floor but we’re going to the major locations which are roof top and basement.
Ish2…. Wujud lg benda ni. Org dh xguna chiller camni.
Lift pn sgt menakutkn. Kene tukar gak ni…
Xde ape2 nk ubah @ upgrade kt MSB ni. Sumenye bleh guna lg.
We’re done. From what we can see, we’ve to upgrade on cold water & sanitary plumbing services, air conditioning & ventilation services, fire fighting services, lift installation, gondola (optional) and some cost for electrical services. Back to office, we prepare the costing and give to QS for their further action.
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