Cream Carbonara... Yummy....

2day is Friday. As usual early rainy morning (9.30pg… early ker?? Hehe…) dn masuk opis. Then I’m doing certified claim for yesterday meeting at SK Raub Indah and SK Raub Jaya, Raub, Pahang. Kejap je then dunno wat 2 do. Actually a lot of work I’ve to finish it before my long vacation but 2day I don’t have any mood 2 do it. Finally…. Mest korg relief dengar dn stop wat keje kn. Klu x, keje.. keje.. keje.. hihi… so what I’m doing actually???

I’m going to ASB Seksyen 11. Mcm biasa, simpan duit ler… Then g Subang Parade. Tetiba rase mcm nk shopping skit so I bought new ELLE shirts & trousers which cost me RM200++. Why I choose Subang Parade? Hehe.. I want to grab my lunch at Dave’s Deli. Of course dh lame giler xpekena Cream Carbonara. I don’t mind even I have it alone or by myself or… whatever lh. Hihi… Actually last night I’m also have a spaghetti carbonara for my dinner at Murni SS2 wif my gud buddy. 1st time dinner kt cni tau. Name slalu dengar tp xpernh ade sesape bwk. Finally… dtg gak dn kt Murni ni. Huhu…
Sgt2 la disappointed.. Not as what I’m expected. Spaghetti keras, then the cream carbonara oily & watery. Huhu… Tp disebabkn lapo giler cz xmkn dr pagi, dn habiskn gaks la my dinner. Cz kecewa giler la dn 2nd round Cream Carbonara kt Dave’s Deli ni. Yeah….Sgt puas hati. So lepas mkn balik opis sat dgn suka hati pas2 kuar balik sambung xtvt mengular… hihihi…

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  1. it is December 7th, put my fingers on dn blog. im too bz lately until cant help this my old gud fren wipe her tear off. im sorry coz ve missed my eyes on you. nonetheless, im stil supporting u in wateva u do. dun make circumstances fix ur happiness. its neva be right in anyway. =) ~cheers, sitiraihana~

  2. Hi han.... yeah.. i know u are busy so i wont disturb u but i know u still remember me. hihi... jz wanna let u know, dn dh selesa & dpt sesuaikn diri dgn idup skrg. i feel so hepi. thanx 4 ur concern sis... really miss & luv u.. hugs~

  3. syoknye mengular smbl makan2..huhuhu..

    neway just dropping by to say hi..peace!\/(^_^)

  4. hi yana...
    thanks 4 drop by 2 my blog. i ni still new so xpandai sgt menulis ni. hope 1day i akn baca sume yg u tulis dlm blog u... ^_^

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