Hurt's November

November’s end…. Yup, a lot of things happen in dis month. Berkenalan… mencari old gud frenz…. Hang out wif people I never think in my mind dat I’ll be hang out wif… & byk lg lh. Dlm byk2 ape yg dn buat, there is 1 most thing I’ll never forget in my life.
3 November 2009 (Tuesday)
Supposedly I’ve a Kem Kementah meeting but canceled so on this day I just stay in office. U know me… bknnye suka duk memerap dlm opis so I’m thinking sumthing. I’m so excited. Hehehe… I’ve order sumthing in here. Present named “Loving Forever” for my fiancé birthday. I want my present reach in his office on his birthday. Waaahhhh!!! I’m really excited.

May your birthday begin a perfect day for you now and forever…
From : Your fiancé

Dat’s all I write cz I know I’m not a good lover. I don’t know how 2 write ayat jiwang2 ni. Hehehe…. I think jz a simple dedication shud be still ok.
6 November 2009 (Friday)
I’ve a meeting SK Raub Jaya, Pahang at Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia (KPM) Putrajaya. Dat meeting is not so important for me because what I’m nerves is my present will reach on dis day. I’m smiling when thinking how surprise he is. Hehehe…
I receive a message…. Owh, from him. I’m smiling…
12:39:39 First thanks sbb bg hadiah. Kedua awk tau kn sy xsuka surprise… Thanks sbb dpt malukn sy
My expression totally changes. What have I done? Is it too shame to get a present? I’m crying along the way back to my office.
12:40:14 Sori….
12:40:35 Buang ye. Xyah simpan lg
That’s all I can say. Kelu & t’ketar tgn dn utk m’balas msg ni.
My dearie… is it too shame to get dis kind of present? Now I know dat I’m really had to put off. He’s not as what I know before. He’s totally change and I can’t be with him anymore. It's really hurt. On his birthday… everything has changes. Changes my mind… my stance… my everything…
Today and from now on... I'll continue my life without turning back anymore. I know 1 day i'll get my happiness... Thanks Allah...
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  1. sedihnye baca entry ni deqnoor...:-( -onn-

  2. people change onn... apepn, life must go on :)

  3. i guess some things are better left as secrets.

  4. ko nak aku tolong sepuk mamat ni ke dn?? heishhh kinpanas

  5. hehe... xperlu zar.. betul kata zar, buat sesuatu dgn mendapat restu ibu bapa lebih selamat. skrg dn mendapat restu mak ayah dn. dn xkn membelakangkan diorg lg. thanks zar... byk sedarkn dn :)

  6. Salam ziarah...sedih bace entry ni..awek abg amir eh..congrats dah bertemu dgn die..moga dipanajngkan jodoh...

  7. salam...
    thanks sudi membaca entry ni & thanks mendoakn kami. insyaallah... Allah mengetahui apa yg terbaik utk setiap hambanya... :)

  8. Cik antara entri paling lama dalam blog ni kan.

    ada gak manusia yg tak suka dapat hadiah. ehh..manusia ke ni. bukan kot.


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