UiTM Pasir Gudang

Today I’ve a Bengkel Semakan Lukisan (Siri 1) at Ballroom A, Hotel Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie for UiTM Pasir Gudang Project from 7.30am to 5pm. Mcm masuk sekolah integrasi plak kn. Hihihi… Lame xbuat aktiviti pagi2 camni. Masuk opis pn pkl 8.30 pagi. Huhu… Actually the workshop starts from today, 21 Disember 2009 until this Thursday, 24 Disember 2009. I don’t think I want to stay in this hotel for the whole ongoing workshop so hopefully today I know either I have to attend the whole four day or I can come here only on my part, electrical and mechanical services especially on infra works. Then when I get the schedule today, I’m going to give it to my boss, En Nasuha who’s responsible for this project so I can focus on my pending works this whole week before my long vacation.
4pm… I’m updating my blog. Slumber je kn. Hihi… I’ve get schedule for this four days and for mechanical and electrical parts will be discuses on this Thursday so I’m not going to come here on Tuesday and Wednesday. Fuhhh… Lega… Based on what input I get today, there will be some amendment loads because tourist and hotel faculty confirm will be out from this project scope of works so the PPU will be reduce into SSU.When I come to office tomorrow we’ve to prepare for the slide presentation based on new information today. Hopefully En. Nasuha will prepare the slide so I can do my pending works. I just have two days to do all my pending works because on Thursday I’ve to come to this hotel again with En. Nasuha. After the workshop, my vacation starts and I’ll come to my office again on 4th January 2010. If En. Nasuha read my blog, please consider ya… Hihihi…
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  1. ye ini encik nasuha.. cuti anda di approve utk 2 minggu! ;)

    *ecece brangan jadi bos kejap hehe*

    btw dn rindula kat electric! =) dah lama aku xde kaitan dgn ppu ke ssu ke ape ke. skrg ni klu org tanye apape pun blom tentu aku ingt haha.

    & aku pun dah lama gile x pegi tugu negara! last pegi darjah 1 tu. byk tempat sbnrnye kat msia ni yg aku x pegi lagi.

    take care dn miss u! =)

  2. hi zar...
    miss u a lot.

    ade meeting kene attend. serupa xcuti zar. waaa.... :( keje dn mmg byk deal ngn tnb so perkataan2 tu akn ko byk bace dlm blog ni. hehehe... bleh jd pengubat rindu ko kt keje2 letrik kn. hihihi...

    yeah... tugu negara sgt besar rupenye. slowly dn akn menjejak kt tmpt2 yg dn xpernh g lg. hehe...

    take care 2 dear... :)


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