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Welcome back to school my little sister & brother… My little sister this year will be in Standard 3 while my little brother will be in Form 3. He will occupy PMR this year so I’ve to give more attention on his study. As now while I’m updating my blog, he do his mathematic exercise in front of me. Hopefully even I’m busy with my work I still can look after his learning. Not only him, my little sister too. Right now she arranges her book for tomorrow subject. Yeah… she has finish scheduling her books.

Hehe… Normally when schooling started, children will stick on their time table in their room right? My sis quit funny actually. She’s not stick on her time table at door but she paste up this…

Jadual tidur adik. I’m smiling every time I see this. On Monday she had to choose either slept with Mama or Abah or I and she choose to sleep with me. Yesterday as schedule she slept with me and today… She just read her sleep schedule and she’s going to sleep with Abah. She take her pillow and blanket, looking for Abah. Funny kn adik dn ni. Hehehe… Xpe... Maybe she learns to discipline herself. I've to support whatever she do or trying to do as long as not endanger herself. Hehe... Xde beliau mmg sgt sunyi rumah ni. I love them so much..
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  1. kn zar.... dn tgk schedule tido 2 pn senyum sendiri skrg ni. dulu dn kecik2 xde pn wat schedule cam2. hehe...


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