Malaysia Chocolate Fair 2010

Interesting… delicious…. Yummy…. After read Yana’s blog, I’m really interested to go there. Why?? Because of this… “Malaysia Chocolate Fair 2010” at Midvalley Exhibition Centre KL. Huhuhu… I like!!!!

I’m so exciting in here. Lots and lots of chocolate around me and I don’t know which one to choose. Chocolate…. Chocolate… Chocolate…. Where are you going? Chocolate…. What are you doing? Chocolate… Which one you want? Chocolate… Nothing else in my mind except chocolate…. Hehe….
I’m going there with Zura because she’s not working today. She is willing to accompany me and attend my childish demand. Really thanks dear… We take more than 1 hour to reach Midvalley. Because of chocolate, I don’t care & I don’t mind. Hehe…. My good buddy, for those who is choc freak like me, feels free to come here… :)

Owh... lupe nk gtau. Hershey's chocolate RM5 for 2... Grab it while stock last!!! ;)
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