Monday Sickness... Chaos Morning...

0820am : Bismillahirrahmanirrahim… (Baca doa naik kenderaan) As usual, kuar dr umah nk ke opis. Ntah nape hrni semangat plak nk keje padahal mlm td tdo lmbt wat claim contractor utk projek PULAPES MPOB Keratong, Pahang. Xkisah la… Keje mode. Layankan…. Hehe.. Sampai kt t/light nk ke Puncak Alam, tgk traffic ok (normally here always congested with cars) and hopefully I reach my office 0830am. Xsampai simpang t/light Bukit Jelutong, traffic slow sesgt. Hmm… This one is not usual traffic congestion. Something might be happen. I listen to Hot FM to know about traffic congestion news and she inform that there is an accident in NKVE highway exit Subang and cause congestion until Guthrie highway. Ooo… Patut ler… Then I used TTDI Jaya road to avoid junction out to NKVE highway.
0846am : I still at TTDI Jaya because a lot of car used same road as me. Suddenly my dad calls.
Abah : Assalamualaikum…
DN : Waalaikumussalam… Ye bah.
Abah : DN kt umah ke dh kuar nk g opis??
DN : Dh kt TTDI Jaya. Jalan sgt jam so DN lalu cni. Nk sampai opis dah. Ade ape bah??
Abah : Ooo… Ingat DN kt umah lg. Boleh patah balik x?? Tayar keta pecah la. Abah kt traffic light Puncak Alam ni. Call Cik Nahar xdpt plak.
DN : Jalan agak jam kt cni. DN cube cari tmpt nk u-turn balik. Keta bleh gerak lg x? Kalau boleh lg, Abah tunggu kt ESSO ye. Japgi DN dtg.
Abah : Ok. Assalamualaikum…
DN : Waalaikumussalam…
0905am : I reach ESSO pump station.
Quit surprised when seeing the tyre condition. There are no tools inside my mom’s car, that’s why my dad needs to borrow mine.
0925am : Done. My dad is going to Kedai Tayar while I’m heading to office. Alhamdulillah…. This time the traffic uncrowded so I used my usual road. I reach my office at 0945am.
1000am : Peili call me for breakfast and she’s already arrived in front my office. Hm… I think this we called it branch, not breakfast. Hehe… We headed Sunway Pyramid and have our branch here. First choice is Sushi Zenmai but still closed. Then we go for Sakae Sushi, also closed so we decided to have it at The Coffee Bean.
We take Tomato & Herb Linguine Pasta. This is suitable for vegetarian because the hot pasta only served with tomato sauce with basil olive oil and Parmesan cheese. For our beverage, I choose Orange Iced Tea Latte while Peili grab Caramel Ice Blended. As usual, Peili yg belanje mest lh sedap. Hehe…
1200pm : Peili send me back to office. Kenyang sungguh harini. Erkkk.. Alhamdulillah… So baru nk start membuat keje. Hmm.. Monday sickness la plak. Pagi td mcm semangt nk keje. Hehe… I’m going to stop writing now and wait me in another episode okey…
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