Taman Cabaran Putrajaya

Until today… my whole body still pain especially from my hands until my legs. Huhu… You know why? Because I’m going for indoor wall climbing at Taman Cabaran, Presint 20 Putrajaya with Zura & Anuar last 2 days. Sgt seronok. Even though dn ni takut tinggi but I’m trying to opponent my feeling. I did it!!! Yuhuuu….
You need to go through grave area if you want to enjoy all the facilities in here. On my way to come here, I need to across Islam’s grave then on my way back I across Chinese’s grave. Interesting right? Hehe… But don’t worry. The area really beautiful and you will never aware about the grave (Saje nk sedapkan hati mereka2 yg takut. Hehehe…). Kpd mereka2 yg nk g wall climbing pasni, roger2 lh dn kt cni yer… Love you all…
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  1. dn try chill kat Extreme Park, Sec 13, lak..best woo,,smbil mencuci mate..hekhekk..

  2. ooo... extreme park 2. kecik la tmpt die. tp xpe, bleh je nk try klu ade kwn. jom2 aisya... menarik2... hehe...

  3. Nak sangat gambar action je nie...

    Panjat tanpa tali he..23x jatuh karang...

  4. @Bro Framestone no lah.. ini rock climb yg mmg xperlu guna tali. tinggi 5 meter je bro.. :)

  5. 5 meter pun tinggi juga apa DN... kalau jatuh macam mane... (Bro pula yang risau lebih kan)

    Lokasi SBB 2015.

    Last Bro datang sini tahun 2010 semasa organized Gathering Geng Blogger


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