Life such a wheel (Part 1)

A:Why are you still crying?
B:I wasn’t crying.
A:No matter how I look at it, you’re still crying.
B:I didn’t crying.
A:You’re crying.
B:Didn’t cry.
A:Is it related to me?
B:No. It is my own problem. Why did I change into this? Because I want to protect myself, I hurt other people. I am very selfish like that, aren’t I? I didn’t know until today, I only hid the bad parts of me well. Did I know how bad I am.
A: And then what happen? How are you going to return their faith in you? Your friends really do care for you.
B:I feel like they hate me more.
A:So my sister actually, has an IQ of zero. No one would express such true words to people they didn’t care about. The most stinging words are said most for your benefit, and are also the truest words. Because they believe, that you will understand.
B:(My feelings, have inexplicably been relaxed a lot). A… you wouldn’t purposely come here to take me home, would you?
A:What a joke. Am I that bored? I’m so hungry. Let’s go home, get on my car.
B:(Just earlier, I was feeling lonely. But at the moment I feel quit warm) Why is it every time I’m with you, it is always this dangerous?
A: I can’t stop danger from happening, but I can protect you. In that case, you don’t even know what real danger is.
B:(I never thought that being with A was this kind of a feeling)…

So sweet….. but not everything and everyday are sweet day…

A:You can keep the pleasantry. Stop pretending to be a nice person. Or don’t you know how to hate someone?
B:I really think this way. I don’t blame anybody. Besides, I think hating a person is very tiresome.
A:You’re right. Why should I be this tired? Always hating a person, and always loving a person, too.

Same thing will happen again. For the foolish us, when conflict occurs, we will hurt each others. But after the hurting, we will be more caring and stronger. Enable us to continue forward.

B:I feel I’m so lousy. I can’t be trusted or depended on. I am sad.
A:U’re needed. I need your smile. I want to see you laugh.
B:I can’t laugh on demand.
A:Okey, I got it. you mean that I can’t make you laugh.

A always make me angry, confused, cry and frustrated. But why is A so cute? (Smiling….)

Sometimes people feel down & dumb…

B:It’s only until today that I found out that you carry a heavy burden. A burden not for your age. I only cared about myself. Only thinking… that my affection for you is not allowed. I am always afraid of what others would say about us. I hate myself. I thought I had an affectionate heart. There is nothing I can do for you.
A:It’s more than enough.
B:This kind of me is not qualify to be the most important person to you.
A:Did I say… you are the most important to me? Did I?
B:You didn’t. I just like you so much. I like you so much that I want to say it out loud.
A:Then like me! Because your like makes me the happiest. Don’t worry what other people would see. Don’t listen to what other people would say. You only need to make sure of your direction.
B:(I feel that I am drowning in guilt. Drowning so deep… that I don’t know what happiness is)….

To be continued…..
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  1. adeh..tahun bila nk sambung neh!

  2. Hahaha..... tgk la bile dn ade byk mase lebih ye & ade input2 yg bleh m'bantu m'garapkn ceritera ini. ecehhh... ;p

  3. ada tiga soalan,

    mana sambungannya Cik DN?

    siapa A siapa B

    apasal kat blog saya ada kisah A dan B jgk. emm..sapa tiru sapa ni


Awak komen, DN balas. Terima kasih kerana sudi meninggalkan jejak di sini. ^_^