Banglo 2 1/2 Kinrara

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My post was on August 2009. Now it’s already Mei 2010. I’m sure you all can imagine how the progress right? I still remember my boss Muda said to me “Anggap lah Noor design rumah Noor sendiri”. I take this challenge. I design this banglo on my own.

Actually at the first place my designer at Terengganu branch design the concept then I brief to my client which is an owner for the banglo about the concept. A lot of things need to change and I think more than 10 times they change and comment what I’m doing. I do follow their needs by myself until they satisfied. I’ve try my best and what important is I want to see the result.

Yesterday I’m going to see what is going on with the banglo. The works progress almost 90%. Hmm… I think for my first trying in design, I can say everything going smoothly and I’m satisfied with it. Even not totally satisfied, I think for my first baby project, I can build my confident and knowledge to design something more interesting and attractive in future. Hmm… I do love my job!!!

Let me share with you all the results even not totally finish yet. Really thankful if you may comment about it so I can improve my design if I get this chance again… Enjoy the pictures!!!
Pandangan tepi Pandangan depan

Spotlight & wall light
Wall light at Staircase 1

Swimming pool
1st floor & attic
Downlight, wall light, fan & aircond at Living 2Downlight & fan at Living 2
Toilet fitting
Wet Kitchen
Living 1
Dry kitchen
Family living / dining
Downlight & fan at Study Room
Downlight & fan at guest suite

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  1. ye ke deqno buat semua nie.hahahha...

  2. u already know wat i mean rite?? of course la m&e services...

  3. salute Cik DN.

    rumah ni dah berpenghuni kan. mula dari langkah pertama, akan berterusan pengalaman yg akan diperolehi

  4. Teringin nak design rumah sendiri.

    Tak tahu kenapa dulu bro tolak tawaran sambung pengajian dalam bidang arkitek.. erm...


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