Loneliness… that what I feel lately… Don’t know why… I keep thinking harder about works and hang out with friends; also my relatives to through away this feeling but still unsuccessful. I’m trying to make my everyday as what I’m expected. Happiness… A lot of fun… Full with love… but the things happen in opposite way. Dull… dejected… and the most is loneliness. This makes me think about why I have to live this way. Am I not qualified yet to get my happiness? I keep console my heart… Is it true? I think the truth is I keep lying myself. Pretend that nothing happen in my life and live as usual as I’m thinking about my works most.

Loneliness… Yeah… This the best word to describe about me. I’m going to Malacca last weekend. Maybe to give some space and thinking about myself. I’ve to stop thinking about others. I think I’m too good to others until then people easily break my heart. I give my full attention and love them perfectly but they never understand and trying to understand inside me. Hmm… I can’t judge myself but people around me know who I am. I can’t obstruct people from hate me because I’m also have my own weakness even I’m trying to be as good as I can. Sometimes I’m also being naughty… Maybe I’m tired to always being nice with others. Tired… Yeah… I already feel tired with this love game. I’m not going to give my heart again until…. Don’t know when. Married is not in my life dictionary already. I’ve seal and locked my heart. What I’m thinking now is my works and how to grow my money to get more money. This heart will never hurt again…

Loneliness… Even I feel this way, I still don’t want people to disturb me but when my friends call me, I’ll still pick up their call. My friends are people who’ll I appreciate most because they came normally with purposes. To make me happy… To accompany me… To be a good listener… To give advice and strength… and so on… How great I am to have such a lot of friends. Thanks a lot for coloring my life. Friends… Even I’m lonely, I still want to do whatever things with friends…

Loneliness… What I feel already convenient with myself. I know someone as Mr.K and surprise he text me when I’m in Malacca after more than a week he never text me. Slowly I feel happy and the loneliness gone. Is it I’m waiting and miss him? Hmm… He also called me yesterday and makes me think who’re you came to through away my loneliness. We have our conversation together for 1 hour but I feel like just a minutes. Huh… Our relation is unique I guess. We do don’t want to have any commitment each other so just like being a friends. We clearly know what we want each other so whatever happen I know my heart will not hurt again.

Loneliness… Thanks Allah for this feeling. At the first place I feel loser but when I almost give up, Allah give lights to me. Make me smile again and assured Allah always there for me. Thanks Allah… Syukur Alhamdulillah for these great things happens in my life…
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A daughter, sister and friend. Engineering is my passion but travelling is my courage. "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"

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  1. xpe dn kitorang kan ada, heaps of hugs for a dear fren of ours~ ^_^

  2. tq zar...
    really proud & hepi 2 hav such a gud, great & beautiful frenz... :)

  3. this feeling cant be heal with friend,hang out,shooping,karok also even u laugh as loud as u can...lama mana pun kita menyelam akhirnyer kena naik ke permukaan jua...
    perhh puitis giler gua.hahah

  4. hmmm... interesting!! tq... i'm jz follow the flows... Everything is not in my control. I know whatever happen, its good for me... insyaallah... :)

  5. Dikno...
    keep tOuch With the CreatOR... mungkin ada yang terbaik untuk kamu nanti...


  6. yeah...
    the Creator is the best to rely on...
    tq buddy... :)

  7. hari2 yang indah sentiasa ada dalam hidup kita. kena cari dan pandai menghargainya.

    semoga DN bertemu kembali dengan cinta yg dicari2 selama ni. in shaa Allah.

    saya doa , sokong dan pandang DN dari jauh ye....:)


  8. waaaa!!! tertekan remove la... sori korang... :(


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