Happy Birthday Deq Noor

Thanks 4 all d besday wishes.. Terharu sgt2. M 26 now!! Hee.. To khamisah, ise & topek, thanks 4 comin 2 my home & d besday cake surprise last nite.. To my dearie Misal zarith, thanks 4 wishin me on my birth time.. To Mr.K, thanks 4 treatin me at delicious & starbucks midvalley jz now.. Life is so wonderful wif all of u & i luv my life.. Thanks so much!!! ^_^
I post the above sentence on my facebook wall. I was really compassion with all the birthday wishes. I was smiling from the day my friends come to my home before I went to call the night until the next day I slept. Life is so delightful… Thanks Allah for this life…
All the wishes unstoppable until today even my birthday already belated. How lucky I am having a lot of friends who care, concern and remember my birthday. Korang memang best!!!
Let me share some pictures happened on the day. Please enjoy it!!!
These pictures were taken on 2nd September 2010. I know it was not my birthday yet but I want to share in here because finally we met after we set to gather on Zura’s birthday but we can’t make it. Even we didn’t get anything in Midvalley for Raya, this confluence will be remain as reminisces.

I was so tired after a long journey for my meeting at Keratong, Pahang. These people even I said I was tired and need some rest so we met up next time still want to meet me so they come to my house with a cake. Surprisingly, all my exhausted feeling gone when they come and celebrate my birthday. Thanks buddies for all you did to me. I really appreciate it.

On my birthday, I just stay at home watching movie. Around 3pm, Kahar text me and ask me out for buka puasa. He text me while he playing golf and still want to meet me even he had meeting at Concorde Hotel that night. How sweet he is right? Even he is busy but still wants to celebrate my birthday. Actually his birthday was on 3rd September. I just know about his birthday on my birthday. Haha… So we share the brownies chocolate with vanilla ice cream as our birthday celebration. Thanks for this sweetness day…

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