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I attend UiTM Pasir Gudang project meeting in UiTM Shah Alam this morning at 10am. Kind of the argument between the purchaser and the seller will end soon. It has been more than a year we deal about the entrance matter. I really hope the matter will come to some solution for the sake of our project development.
The meeting end after half an hour later. What a short meeting in a big issue right? For those who don’t know what happen in developing this project might not be thinking about it but for me, if the entrance issue still unknown the status yet, there must be a big problem. How come the UiTM without the entrance? If there have no entrance so there will also don’t have any services on electricity, telecommunication and water supply. Terrible.. What ever happen, I will put my butt to help them in solving this issue. Wish me luck!!
After meeting I met Bos Muda to discuss on Townhouse project. Finally I get the master plan for overall project after a month I try to figure out what can I do to solve the townhouse problem. I get it from the owner after one of the consultant who involved in the entire project development refuse to help me but after I get the master plan, they willing to help me a bit. It is better than nothing right? This project problem on my part is about the location of double chamber or SSU. I call my boss in Terengganu for his advised and he come out with some idea so I try to make an appointment with TNB but unfortunately it is really hard to find the person I want to meet. Should I just go there hoping she will in her office? Hmm.. I will think about this tonight.
After discuss about the townhouse, I updated with Bos Muda about the Serai Perdana project which I met TELEKOM last Friday after a meeting I missed a day before because of the clash meeting. Now a different problem happen where the phase 1 project planning to start this year located in Kuang and Kundang territories. They have to discuss the infra telecommunication tapping will tap either Kundang or Kuang area so I have to come back in two weeks time.
Suddenly my boss tell me; “ Noor, I think you need an assistant”. I am surprised when he says that because I really hope someone may help not only me but other engineers too. He continued;”Maybe you can asked Azha to help you in this Kajang project so there would be no excuses anymore”. Owh… I thought there will be someone new but still I need my senior help. Hmm.. I talk to him and I really appreciated when he willing to help me attending the Kajang meeting.
This is why I love these family members included our branches in Terengganu. We are willing to help each other when we need any advice and help without any complain. Even my boss at one time also has replaced me when I am out for other meeting. How good he is and hopefully this cooperation will remain.
With a lot of love,

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