Fullhouse... You may click here if want to know detail about it.

Normally people said fullhouse so you can't enter anymore but fullhouse in here, you can. Serious no doubt. Except if the place is really fullhouse. Hee...
DN memang nak ke sini tapi tiada siapa yang sudi nak ajak DN sebelum ni. Sobsob... Finally!!! Someone ask me out for dinner at Fullhouse @ Sunway Giza. Nice place to booth. Nice decoration. Nice feeling. Hmm... Everything nice here. Haaaa.... Meh DN tunjuk apa yang DN makan ye... Bagi kalian jealous then ajak lah boyfriend kalian belanja kat sini. Best!!!! Hee...
Honeydew milkshake... Yummy!!!
Wok-sear Chicken Chop. Sedap hingga menjilat pinggan tu.... Hee...
A pot of jasmine tea and slice of various cakes. Wangi!!!
Take away a slice of cakes untuk housemate tersayang. Nice box and the cakes really delicious...

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A daughter, sister and friend. Engineering is my passion but travelling is my courage. "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"

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  1. dpd aritu mmg teringin makan kt cni...best nye

  2. mknn di sini sedap2.. akak pegi time lunch hour. harga lunch set reasonable...


Awak komen, DN balas. Terima kasih kerana sudi meninggalkan jejak di sini. ^_^