My Favorite Smurf

Oh My Smurf!!! I want to watch this!!! Lalalalalala..... Sing the happy song... (Smurf sounds)Clumsy!! I love his character. Even he is so clumsy, he still cute and make me laugh with his attitude. Oouchhh!!! Clumsy... I love u!! Hee...

Stop it DN! Now what I have to do is thinking what Smurf would help lead the others and find their way from New York City back to the Smurf Village. Do you have any idea? Hmm... Lets the genius DN think for a while (Weekkk!!!)...

Haaaa!!!! They have to make friends with nice human and try borrowing their internet to browse where the Smurf Village is. Hey! Now you can get anything you want with just one click so for sure Brainy can do it. When they know where the location is, they may follow any car in the New York City and transit from one place to another place. For sure they don't know how to drive by themselves right, so they have to do this. If the nice human can bring them there, the story must be easier than I though. Heyy blue smurfs! Watch out the angry dog behind you. Run!! Run!!

The Smurfs

Fuhhh.. How is it? Hehe... So what do you think about Clumsy? Do you like Smurfs? Don't forget to watch this in your nearest cinema... Enjoy the trailer ok... ^_^

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2 Blue Komen:

  1. gudluck ek, dia nye tarikh tayang tu kurang sesuai, tu yang x join

  2. Tq.. ^_^
    Jauh pun.. Bulan puasa nak turun kl mesti malas kan..


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