“My Happiest Moment”

All of us staying in Selangor. Who is us in this story? They are my family members. My office located 5 minutes drive from my hometown. Guess what? I rather choose 30 minutes drive from my home where I stayed with my friend.  Still can't understand what I'm trying to say? Actually, I stayed in Puchong while my hometown and office in Shah Alam. Get it? Good!!

Too many question I have to answer before when people keep asking me about my action. The question must be why? Why? Why? Hmm... There have many reason why I moved out. I'm not sure I want to share all the reason in here but what I'm going to say here is I want to be independent (tenderly speaking) or I can't stand anymore (roughly speaking).

All of us wish to have a happy family. Me too but frankly speaking we are not as close as a happy family supposed to be. We seldom talk to each other and freely carried out our own direction. I think I have to do something and my decision to move out will give some hope.

Alhamdulillah... We become closer and often keep in touch after almost a year I moved out. We have a chat through phone and sometimes I going back to visit them. We started to share a lot of things and I'm happy when seeing we smile each other and always gather when I come home. 

Our Eidulfitri this year was a reminisce I would never forget and my happiest moment. We gather earlier and co-operate tidy up our hometown. For the first time after 27 years I live we happily do all this things together. Also for the first time we have a family pictures.
Let me introduce all my family member...
Mom and dad who raise us until we grow up now...
We are siblings... Hey! That's my money in the envelope..
All the hero in my family...
and we are the charms in this family...
Finally... the happiest moment when we can happily walk together. We never did this before and I will remember those moment we spent this time together. Through joy, pain, sadness, convenience, affection... We all are here together...
Our picture together I enduring in a frame, put it at my own home, my hometown and also in my office. I am happy with all of them as my family...
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A daughter, sister and friend. Engineering is my passion but travelling is my courage. "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"

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  1. merahnya baju DN..

    Biarlah apa pon org nak kata..mulut org kdg2 mmg x boleh nk tutup

  2. wida : merah warna yg cantik kn.. hehe... biarkan je mulut2 mereka itu...

    zuan : thanks awk.. :)

  3. beza sangat. tapi Cik DN tetap sama kan tak berubah.

    ramai yg ambik kira saiz babdan..tetapi tak ambil kira hati yg masih kekal setia dan tak berubah


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