Feminine Pinky Watch

 I got a black city chain paper bag. My first impression when get this paper bag is I am not sure is it really watch inside or just city chain paper bag. 

Inside the paper bag there has a white clean box. Hmm... Heavy a bit...

 Inside the box there has another red ribbon box. Nice packaging... 

 I bring out the red ribbon box to open it. Hopefully there is no box anymore...

Inside the box there still has a nice box named Solvil et Titus. I'm shock! 

Wahhh!!! Solvil et Titus feminine pinky watch inside the box. Sure this watch is expensive. Hmm... I don't know anything about watch price but I like it so much. Thanks for the pretty present. I really appreciate it... :)
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9 Blue Komen:

  1. bagus..jam lama bagi housemate...jam beliau tiga2 dh hbs bateri...thanks

  2. nice watch :D sapa la pemberi jam tu ek :D

  3. @AkUfiZA™ : surprise sgt2. birthday dh lama lepas, tiba-tiba dpt present plak...

    @Hazey : itu lh... lama xdpt hadiah camni...

    @noorkhamisah : jam lama kenangan i dgn poji. nak ke? :p

    @Saiazuan : tq zuan... someone... :D

    @wahida : tq.. rasa sayang pulak nak pakai. huhu...

  4. eh..tak pakai pun jam ni. tapi Cik DN pakai jam kaler putih tu.


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