Excite Myself with LG Cinema 3D TV


Are you ready to experience the next generation 3D TV? If you asked me, I can’t wait to enjoy and explore the technology which moving so fast day after day. Sometimes I feel like I’m lost with all the latest technology. How about you? I’m sure you follow nowadays technology development. 

Errr… Some people say they are really uncomfortable to watch 3D TV with all flicker problems. They have to use 3D glasses which are costly and a little heavy. When watching TV more than an hour, their eyes feel weary and tiring nose because handling the glasses. Trust me; I also experience the same problem. Don’t you feel the next generation 3D TV will solve this problem? LG have the answer. Let’s check it out together! 

LG confident the difference is obvious with LG cinema 3D TV. 

1. Eliminates flicker from glasses so no more dizziness, nausea and discomfort. 
2. Glasses do not need to be recharged for use. 
3. Glasses are battery free and generate no electromagnetic waves. 
4. Provides a brighter and clearer 3D image. 
5. Wider viewing angle enough for bigger audience. 
6. Consistently clear and bright 3D picture from any angle. 
7. The glasses are extremely lightweight. 
8. Vivid 3D pictures with no overlapping image. 
9. 3D glasses in reasonable price. 

WOW! How can I say anymore? Wow again! Is it true? A lot of problem have been taken care of and improve with the next generation 3D TV. All the difference given makes me feel to excite myself with the LG cinema 3D TV. Nothing I can say except I experience myself the difference. Interested to feel the same like I do? Do visit to http://www.lg.com/my/tv-audio-video/televisions/televisions.jsp
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  1. sekarang ni canggih...tv kat rumah pun boleh tengok 3D..:D

  2. zuan not available plak waktu tu

  3. nak beli tv baru ke DN. aku awal taun hari tu beli tv LED je. nak buat monitor PC sekali. bapak besar bila hadap FB kan. hahahahha...

    1. makaihh.. mmg besar sungguh monitor hanie ye. confirm puas tengok tulisan gabak2. hee...

  4. saya beli tv 3d. tapi tak pakai pun nampaknya fungsi 3d tu. rasa rugi lak. kalau beli full hd lagi baik.


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