Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash

Nuffnang birthday bash have come again. We had so much fun on Nuffnang 5th birthday celebration last year. So we don't want to miss the Nuffnang 6th birthday bash soon. Have you submit your entry like I do? Let's do it now before 26th February 2013 at 12pm dear. I can't wait to meet all of  you in the party.

My all-time favorite music album would be J.Lo. It was released on 2001 by Epic Records. This album was more urban than 'On The 6' as it leaned towards R&B and less of a pure pop sound. My favorite songs inside the J.Lo album were 'Love Don't Cost A Thing, 'Play', 'I'm real', 'Walking on Sunshine', 'Secretly', 'I'm Gonna Be Alright'.... Errr.. I think I really love all her songs since I was in secondary school. She was my all-time favorite artist and 'On The Floor' would be the latest song I always heard now.

I had listed down 5 songs in the Deezer playlist. 'On The Floor' by my all-time favorite artist Jennifer Lopez also in the list. Hope I could listen my favorite artist and all my chosen songs at Nuffnang 6th Birthday Party. My chosen song could be listen as permalink below :-

Could you spot myself in the above picture? Hee... These picture was taken at the Nuffnang 5th Birthday Celebration and I was honored to be chosen as one of the guess last year. Hope I would be chosen for this year celebration too.

Have you submit your entry? Please do so as I really love to meet you guys there. Hugs~
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17 Blue Komen:

  1. whoaaa..... nice choice , nanti nak tengok camner DN nari ON THE FLOOR yea....

  2. @hazman aka species1980 hahaha.. jgn terkejut tgk dn menari nanti.. :p

  3. @Cik Nurul Siezuka thanks nurul.. kalau dpt kita g sama k.. :)

  4. hari tu rasa macam nak pergi. tapi bila tgk jadualnya serta jadual kerja. memang tak sempat nak kejar. so, terpaksalah diabaikan sahaja email tu

  5. @Ladfe Amir yeke.. xpe lh. xde rezeki nk jumpa camtu.. :)

  6. ehh.. DN tak pergi pun yer. Takde cite apa2 pun.

  7. @Ladfe Amir xpegi.. email problem kan haritu... so semua invitation xdapat nk tengok

  8. Sekali tengok dah tahu mana satu Deq Noor he..23x


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